Define thought leadership for your needs

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While the definition of thought leadership remains the same, the components that drive your thought leadership status will vary by your ideal audience as well as media and social media preferences.

At Thought Bubble Studio, we define thought leadership as a strategic approach that enables individuals and organizations to share expertise and gain recognition and credibility in their fields. Gains in status often result in new client requests, speaking and leadership opportunities, and industry recognition.

Achieving these goals involves a step-by-step process to identify the ideal consumer of your expertise. Who do you want to talk to most? Is it a customer segment that’s seemed just out of reach? Are they organizational leaders who hold the keys to speaking opportunities? Is it a business network with which you want to reconnect or influence via social media?

Through our initial workshop with you, we will home in on who you are speaking to and outline the core message you’d like them to take away from these efforts.

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